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Do You Need a Will Written?

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Do you need a:

  • Will drafted?
  • Estate plan formed?
  • Health care proxy designated?

Contact the Law Office of David S. Berger, based near Vestal and Binghamton, NY. Thanks to three decades of legal experience, attorney David S. Berger can help you develop a comprehensive estate plan. He'll help you prepare for the future of your assets, property, debt and more.

Why force your heirs to deal with the probate court system on their own? After all, you can streamline the process ahead of time. Hire attorney David S. Berger to put your affairs in order.

Consult an experienced probate lawyer in Vestal and Binghamton, NY

Attorney David S. Berger can help you:

  • Write a will.
  • Designate a health care proxy.
  • Deal with the surrogate court process.
  • Understand probate laws.
  • Administrate an estate.

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